drawFeedback(params, window, feedback_tetrad, acc [,target_rect])


DRAWFEEDBACK is called by various easyFunctions to present the results of a recent trial to a user / participant. Depending on whether the user responded correctly, incorrectly or timed out, a different result is drawn to the screen, in a corresponding colour. The feedback is drawn to the screen for a specified duration.


All arguments are required, with the exception of target_rect. params: params object from easyLaunch window: Psychtoolbox window pointer feedback tetrad: A four-cell array containing the following elements in corresponding positions: (1) feedback duration; (2) feedback for correct trials; (3) feedback for incorrect trials; and (4) feedback for timeout trials. acc: Accuracy code (in the form of a scalar) that is used to determine which feedback should be presented. Values of 1, 0 and -1 correspond to correct, incorrect and null response, respectively. target_rect: rect corresponding to the area in which feedback should be centred. If not specified, or if left empty, the centre of the window will be used.