sptb_files = getSPTBpaths(ppt_name, varargin)


GETSPTBPATHS is a simple internal function to SuperPsychToolbox used to identify where a participant's data input and scoring folders are located, and create these if needed.


paths = GETSPTBPATHS() returns a struct with paths to the general Raw, Modified, Group and Scored data folders. Paths to the SPTB preferences and active session info files are also returned. paths = GETSPTBPATHS(ppt_name) returns a struct that, in addition to the above, returns paths to participant-specific Raw, Modified and Scored data folders. paths = GETSPTBPATHS(datastruct,param1,val1,param2,val2...) follows the behaviour specified above, while setting various optional parameters. Parameters are case-insensitive, and each string parameter name must be followed by a value as indicated: 'paths_only' Boolean. Normally, calling GETSPTBPATHS with a given participant name will cause new folders to be created for that participant if none already exist. With this parameter set to true, no new folders will be generated. Default: false