datastruct = recoverTrial(datastruct)


RECOVERTRIAL is an internal function which uses a data folder containing periodically logged response files from a trial and reassembles the parts together. The assembled response data is attached to the input datastruct to be used later in resumed trials. The input datastruct must have the field datastruct.runtime_vars.tmp_folder which specifies the folder containing the logged response files. If the tmp_folder doesn't exist, or doesn't contain the expected params_header.mat or part*.mat files, the datastruct is returned unchanged and the easy* functions will be unable to resume in the middle of the most recently crashed trial.


D = RECOVERTRIAL(DATASTRUCT) returns a datastruct identical to the input DATASTRUCT except that additional trial data is appended to a newly created DATASTRUCT.runtime_vars.trial_data struct. DEPENDENCIES Requires PsychToolbox and SuperPsychToolbox Written by Jeff Mountjoy May 10, 2016